dngjvn asked: Welcome to the family, noona! If you need anything don't hesiate to come to me okay~? ^^

Okay :) & thankss~~

xsandarapark-si asked: Welcome to the family!

Thanks~ ^.^

miru-si asked: ANNYEONG~!!!!! WELCOME TO THE SI FAMILY~!!!!!!! -waves and flails- ^_________________________^

-waves back- Annyeong!! ^___^

soodacris asked: Annyeong unnie! Welcome to the family, I hope you like it here~

Annyeong ~ :)

minniexlee asked: FEEEEEEEEEEI-UNNNNI~ Hey there! Thanks for the follow and WELCOME TO THE FAMILY~ ^^ Feel free to talk to me at any time.

No prob & thanks ~ hope we become good friends~

kangminhyuk-cr asked: FEIIII NOONAA~

Minhyuk~ ^_______^

exjongup-si-deactivated20130328 asked: Welcome to Si Fei noona~ I hope you enjoy yourself~ If there ever is anything you can come bother me ouo tho, I am never bothered so. hurr. Welcome again~

Thanks ^___^

almightyhyobutt asked: Welcome to SI :D

Thanks :D

ppxni asked: Welcome to SI! If you ever need anything, please feel free to message me~ ^^

Thanks and okay :) I hope we become friends~

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Thanks ~